What My Clients Are Saying

"Coaching with Kelly has been a life changing process. I was able to make huge changes in my professional and personal life. The changes she has assisted me with have allowed me to become happier both at work and in my personal life.  I believe I would not have finished the professional education program without Kelly’s coaching and now I am only a few months away from completion. I would recommend her for any professional women struggling to balance their careers and families. I now know it is possible without giving up on yourself or one of your goals".  - C.Schulz, BGS, CPA Candidate -

"As a self-employed holistic practitioner, it's difficult to find the time and commit the resources to self-improvement, despite knowing how crucial it is.  I came to Kelly for guidance in my business and found much more.  Her practical and non-judgmental approach allowed me to improve not only my business acumen, but my relationships with my children, my partner and my clients. Kelly's knowledge and expertise in developing growth mindset and the ease with which she transfers that skill to her clients is profound.  While breaking down the obstacles that hold us back is ultimately our job, having a guide to lead you forward, rather than in the circles we can sometimes lead ourselves into, is priceless.  I can't recommend Kelly and Fearless Performance Coaching enough!"  -Angela Bewick, Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant

“Kelly at Fearless Performance Coaching,
is very focused at leading discussions and smoothly aided me
in identifying clear goals and setting achievable steps to realize them. 

Through working together, I was able to recognize patterns in my behaviour
that affected my decisions and hindered my success in working 
towards these goals. She helped me realize my strengths and be in control
of the path I chose to take." -- Kim, Calgary, AB

"Working with Kelly was such a great thing for me. I was really having troubles finding myself again after some major life changes. I needed to focus on the most important things in my life and I wasn't quite sure how to do it.  Our meeting every two weeks really helped me. Kelly taught me how to goal set properly and our meetings were a way to keep me in check so to speak. I learned some amazing tools to help keep my life organized and was able to find my happiness and passion for life again. I am still utilizing her tools and continue to set monthly goals which I am actually meeting and I couldn't be more proud. Allowing her to coach me was a life changing experience. She helped me get my groove back!" -- Lynsey Allard, Hair Artist